As you are all aware we had fantastic news over the Xmas period and Annie is expecting a baby on July 26th, 2006. So we will keep you up to date as things progress.

January 12 2006

First Midwife appointment today. Baby's heartbeat good. All looking well.

February 18 2006

Second Midwife appointment. Baby's heartbeat strong. Midwife reckons it's going to be a big one !

July 7 2006

Well 2 weeks to go and all is well at the moment - Annie fit to burst but doing fine.

July 13 2006

07:30 This morning Annies' waters have broken. Back from the hospital and sat waiting for the inevitable. Booked in for 07:30 Saturday if nothing happens.

July 16 2006

Lucy-Mai born 18:43 on Saturday 15th July following a drawn out induction she was delivered by emergency caesarian at 5lb 1oz. She is a poorly little girl at the moment and remains in intensive care. Annie tired, sore and naturally as worried as I am. All I ask is you all keep your fingers crossed for Lucy-Mai and a speedy recovery for her & mum.

July 17 2006

Lucy-Mai is doing better than expected. Touch wood she is out of the deep end and proving to be a brave little fighter. Ultrasound Scan very promising and showing signs of being a normal little new born - added pictures taken today and would like to thank everybody for all their support over these difficult few days. Dean & Annie xxx

July 18 2006

Lucy-Mai still not as well as expected so still a long way to go. Thanks for all the well wishes - not religious myself but doing a lot of praying at the moment and any one who wishes to join us, you are most welcome. Thanks again for all the support and the flowers and cards xxx

July 19 2006

Lucy-Mai had a good day today, responded well to some time with mum and seems to be doing a bit of missed out bonding. Movement starting to show better and has an amazing grip for such a tiny baby. Touch wood we hope she continues the slow road to recovery.

July 21 2006

Annie home but Lucy-Mai remains in the absolutely fantastic care of the Neo Natal Ward at St James. Constantly visiting and watching her progression and the utmost of admiration for the staff caring for her. We can't thank them enough. Lucy-Mai is a little battler and we will keep you updated as things progress. Thanks to all at Arla for your best wishes and concerns.

July 28 2006

MRI Scan has confirmed that Lucy-Mai suffered brain damage during the birth. At least now we know and can start planning for her coming home in the next few weeks. Lots to learn about caring for her before she can come home. She is however gorgeous and we plan to make sure she has the best of everything. Thanks again to everyone for all the support, it means the world to us and Lucy-Mai.

August 4 2006

Lucy-Mai doing us proud, discovering she has lungs and i don't think it will be the last we hear of them. Coming on in tiny but positive ways and looking more beautiful by the day. Annie is doing so well learning about all the cares required to get Lucy-Mai home, my turn over the weekend. Can't wait to get her home and show her off.

August 6 2006

Well, surprised myself and got signed off on all Lucy-Mai's cares. Nurses agree we are ok to take her home so long as the consultants agree tomorrow. If they do then Lucy-Mai will be spending her first night at home on Monday the 7th - FINGERS CROSSED !!!

August 9 2006

A day later than planned and Lucy-Mai is home. Spoon is somewhat confused by this noisy little thing getting all the attention - however protective as ever and residing as guardian of the moses basket. Starting to feel like a family at last.

August 14 2006

Well almost a week now and Lucy-Mai settling in really well. Many thanks to all in the IT Dept and SAP Team for the collection to get Lucy-Mai a present. She chose a beautiful pine nursing gliding chair with matching footstool and loves a cuddle with mum and dad in it.


Had a bad Sunday as we think Lucy-Mai is developing colic, 7 hours bawling a little stressful on everyone. Outreach nurse visited today and we are starting some medication to combat the colic. Touch wood we may have a more peaceful night. Planning to visit Arla tomorrow between 12:00 and 12:30 to see everyone and let Lucy-Mai meet everyone. Feel free to visit us in the Cafe Met.

August 17 2006

Photo gallery has been updated following Lucy-Mai's visit to Arla on Tuesday. As you can see by her new pass she has already been given a job working in the newly formed Cute Dept. Really nice to see everybody and thanks for all the cuddles and attention.

August 20 2006

Photos added to gallery from Lucy-Mai's visit over to the weekend to Hawes, Wensleydale, where as you can see she met all her cousins and lots of other family members and friends. She had a great time but it tired us all out.


New environment and all the traveling was hard work but worth it to meet all the family she has not already seen. Lots of home appointments tomorrow, including speech therapist who we hope will update us on Lucy-Mai's condition with regard to her swallowing reflex's and point us in the direction of getting her away from tube feeding if this is possible - SO FINGERS CROSSED !!!

September 9 2006

Following a visit to Mothercare, Lucy-Mai took some time trying out new car seats and in the finish she was able thanks to everyone at Arla to choose a very special car seat which has made traveling 100% easier.


Her standard child seat did not suit her condition and made traveling a nightmare. I have added a picture to the gallery to show the seat as well as some more recent pictures of Lucy-Mai as well. Now weighing in at 8lb 1oz she is developing well and has the most beautiful little chubby cheeks.

September 13 2006

Following a meeting with Lucy-Mais' consultant we have had the official results from the MRI scan. Our worst fears were realised as they confirmed that she has severe Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Lucy-Mai will have an EEG tomorrow to try and gauge the medication required to control her Epilepsy. Thank you all again for all your support and if you wish to send Lucy-Mai any messages we promise we will read them out to her.

September 27 2006

Official weigh day today and in the pink corner weighing in at 9lb 11oz it's Lucy-Mai. A whole pound in 1 week so doing very well on the weight gain.

September 16 2006

Apologies for the delay in updating the website. Have updated the photo album with some more recent pictures. Lucy-Mai now weighing in at 10lb 11oz. Lucy-Mai starting to respond to the medication being given to control her epilepsy and the fits are now few and far between. Keep an eye out for the new website in a couple of weeks. will be the new website address.


So much easier to remember than the present one and a complete redesign as well to make the site easier to navigate. The Arla Charity Bash is now advertised at Arla and tickets are starting to sell well, so make sure you get yours ASAP as it is going to be another party to remember. We are also proud to announce the arrival of Loki, born 11th October at 6 Lb. Lucy-Mais first cousin and our first niece, so congratulations to my brother Danny and his wife Marie, she is beautiful.

October 23 2006

Well now weighing in at 11lb with the most gorgeous chubby cheeks. Friday saw a visit to the sensory room at Jimmys and responses were brilliant. Mum reporting big smiles from Lucy-Mai. Visited Hawes to attend Benjamins' christening and had a great time. Met lots of new friends and had lots of cuddles. Looking forward to Lucy-Mais' christening on the 5th November at Hardraw church in Wensleydale, (The church we were married at.)


Tickets are going fast for the Arla Bash so don't miss out !!! Just spoken to my brother to check on cousin Lokis' progress and honored to find that Lokis' birth was today registered as Loki-Mai Sanderson so the 2 new cousins will have something in common they can always treasure. Loki doing well and can't wait to see her cousin again soon.

October 31 2006

Lucy-Mai finally starting to shake her cold off and getting better day by day. All set for the christening this weekend. So glad to see so many friends and family making the trip to Hawes. The plan is to meet in the Fountain Hotel at 12.00 so those of you that don't know the way to the church will be able to follow those that do.

November 9 2006

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Lucy-Mai's christening on 5th November at Hardraw in Wensleydale. Also many thanks for all the wonderful presents she received, she loves them all. We have both been quite ill since getting home so apologies for the delay in adding an update. I just hope nobody else picked up the wonderful virus we have.

November 9 2006

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Lucy-Mai's christening on 5th November at Hardraw in Wensleydale. Also many thanks for all the wonderful presents she received, she loves them all. We have both been quite ill since getting home so apologies for the Lucy-Mai has developed a new skill, she has decided it is about time she had a big smile and a giggle and loves doing it.


Being so busy we took very few pictures and we are relying on everyone who took pictures to e-mail them through to us so we can add them to the Photo Gallery. I have added a couple just to start things off, so check them out.

November 27 2006

Well what can i say, the Arla Charity Bash can only be described as a major success and huge thanks go out to Lorraine, Colin, Steve, Lee, Neil, Neil and Craig for the fantastic Full Monty routine performed on the evening. Laugh, I nearly wet myself as did nearly everbody in the room. As soon as I have further information on the amount raised i will be adding detail to the fundraising page.


Pics will added to the site shortly as Bob Peters will be selling discs of the nights events to boost the fundraising efforts. Many thanks to Bob for taking the time out to do the photography on the evening. Many thanks to all who attended and please keep an eye on the fundraising page for forthcoming events.

December 31 2006

Well Lucy-Mai's first Christmas was nothing if not memorable. A visit to Hawes turned into Christmas at Friarage hospital in North Allerton. A bout of Brochilitis meant Christmas Day and Boxing Day in hospital for the Sanderson clan. Still poorly but getting better day by day. Lucy-Mai spoilt rotten and lots of beautiful presents were eventually opened on the 27th.


She managed to sleep through the entire event and has done nothing but sleep since. We hope everyone had a better Christmas than us and we wish you all the best for the New Year. And to top it all New Year at Jimmys as well - Lucy-Mai had 2 nights in ICU but now admitted to a standard ward and showing signs of improvement.

January 7 2007

Lucy-Mai finally starting to show signs of being her normal little self, had a giggle today and looking a lot better. Touch wood we hope to have her home within the next 48 hrs.

January 8 2007

11:06 Annie has just called to confirm Lucy-Mai is able to come home this afternoon.

January 13 2007

Lucy-Mai doing well, still has a cough and a little bit poorly but much better than she has been. Doctors have advised it could take weeks for the Bronchilitis to clear so preparing ourselves for more sleepless nights. Thanks to everyone who has made the commitment to attend the Spring Ball in April, plans are going well and looks like it will be a fantastic night out.

January 31 2007

Lucy-Mai has been pushed forward for her Gastrostomy within the next 6 weeks so we hope to be getting rid of her Naso Gastric tube soon. At last we will be able to see her face without tubes and fixings. New medication is doing well and she has improved a lot over the last couple of weeks.


We took the brave move of placing her in her nursery on Saturday night and we have had 4 nights now where she has settled well sleeping in there on her own. Touch wood it will be a routine we can keep up and hopefully we can all start to get some regular sleep.

February 13 2007

Lucy-Mai has had a date confirmed for her gastrostomy. She will go into LGI on Thursday 23rd February for her operation the following day. We are obviously nervous but looking forward to getting rid of her Nasogastric tube and being able to work harder with the speech and language therapist on her gag reflex. Thanks to everyone for all their support and touch wood when Lucy-Mai is better after her operation we will be bringing her into Arla House for some cuddles.

February 23 2007

After an agonising 5 and a half hours, Lucy-Mai was finally taken back to the ward at 17:45. She is still flaked out but the Gastrostomy appears to have gone well. Still a big hill to climb during the healing period etc but at least she has been through the hardest and most worrying part. Can't wait till she is better and i can get some pictures without her Nasogastric tube. Thanks to veryone for your support and good luck messages.

February 28 2007

Annie has called to say Lucy-Mai has been taken off her drip and monitor and is back to relying on good old fashioned SMA. Now up to 22 ml an hour and digesting well so hopefully she will be home at the weekend.

February 4 2007

Lucy-Mai home and doing so well - been a little whingy but who wouldn't be after major surgery. Been a little star and tolerating her feeds well. Had a laugh from her so shows she is on the mend. Just want to say how much i am proud of Annie and the patience she has had after 9 days in hospital 24/7. She is my hero and i want to say how much i love them both and how much i appreciate Annies dedication while i am stuck at work x x x

April 19 2007

Lucy-Mai doing very well at the moment and has just had her gastrostomy changed to a more discreet model called a Mic-Key. She never flinched at the hospital when it was changed and Annie said she was very brave.


Starting to teethe and her first two teeth have bitten through at the bottom. Now developing a beautiful blonde mop and has the cutest little curls at the back. Generally doing very well with her sensory visits and we are aiming to start building up our own sensory equipment at home now we know what she does and doesn't like. As promised i have updated the photogallery with some up to date pictures.

June 12 2007

Sorry it has taken so long to update the website but had lots to do lateley. Lucy-Mai now has her bottom two teeth and is about to be the proud owner of her two top front teeth as well. Number one just bitten through and number two not far behind. Lots of lovely hair and mum has discovered it is long enough to be clipped back now so starting to look like a little girl instead of a baby. I will take some pictures over the next couple of days and update the photo gallery shortly.

July 16 2007

Lucy-Mai has reached the grand old age of 1 year old. It was a day of mixed emotions. Joy at Lucy-Mai having her first birthday and also sadness at realising at this time last year we were coming to terms with what had happened. Tears however turned to smiles as the day went on and visitors came and went and we also took Lucy-Mai out for some lunch.


She was however pooped from her visit to Lotherton Hall on Saturday to meet other children from the Special Kids In the UK charity. We all had a great day, looking around the bird garden and visiting the adventure playground. Thanks to everyone that attended was lovely to meet you all. Going to update the picture gallery this afternoon so keep a look out for the new pics. Thanks for all the lovely cards and presents as well.

August 1 2007

Finally finished work on thenew website for my photography. - so anyone wishing to pass on the address please feel free.

August 15 2007

Nice for once to report that not much to update on at the moment as Lucy-Mai has been having a hospital free time for quite a while now. Just standard appointments, so really pleased. Lucy-Mai was measured and checked for her special buggy to help with her posture etc for the future so hope to see that within a couple of months.


A special seat with an indoor height adjustable base for the house and also a Kimba buggy frame for outdoors. She is proving to be a little star at the moment, lots of giggles and coming on in tiny leaps and bounds in her own little way. We are so proud of her, she is a little fighter and keeps battling away to achieve the smallest of mountains.

November 2 2007

Lucy-Mai has taken delivery of her new Sqiggle seat and base for use in the house and is now awaiting delivery of the Kimba base so we can start to get out and about a bit and introduce her to all the things we know she will hate at first, noise, bright lights etc. She also had her first visit to Leeds Mencap, Hawthorne House today in months. One appointment or another has meant she has been unable to go so can't wait to hear from mum how she got on.

December 17 2007

Kimba base has arrived so we are now fully mobile. We also have on order a standing frame which is to help Lucy-Mai see the world from a different angle and to help with her posture and strengthen her legs. We have updated the picture gallery with some more recent pics and you can see the day we tested the standing frame in there. Touch wood we are hoping to spend Xmas in Hawes again this year but preferably without the 999 call and rushing off to hospital half way through Xmas dinner.

January 25 2008

Annie and Lucy-Mai home following another stay in Jimmys. Tuesday night saw another 999 call and a night in A&E before being admitted due to Lucy-Mai aspirating feed onto her lungs. Touch wood a new feeding regime will help avoid any visits in the near future. Both are glad to be back home and spending a night in their own beds. Still awaiting delivery of her new standing frame and plans under way to add a special cot and sleep system to her never ending collection of equipment.

March 28 2008

Lucy-Mai has finally been fitted with her new standing frame. I have added a picture of her in it in the photo gallery. She appears to be tollerating it well and spent over an hour in it on her first attempt and has been doing well since. Been a bit nervous about adding this till now but we are expecting again at the end of June. Had a scan yesterday and all is well, baby is doing fine and so is Annie.

April 3 2008

Well 7 weeks to go before Lucy-Mai finds out she is no longer going to be the centre of attention and there is someone smaller than her in the house. Annie fit to burst and definately bigger than last time. Had confirmation Lucy-Mais' new adjustable cot is arriving next week so changing her is going to be much easier and no more bending. A big thank you for all that attended the ball, it was a major success so check out the Spring Ball page for an update.

June 5 2008

Annie is fit to burst and definately starting to get fed up. Have a final scan next Tuesday, last scan showed all is well touch wood and baby estimated at 5lb 9oz. Lucy-Mai is doing really well at the moment, no colds or chest infections and making her a happy little girl. Lots of smiles and giggles and generally doing well. I have updated the Spring Ball page so please feel free to take a look at the update. Next update should hopefully report a new addition to the family.

June 23 2008

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Thomas George Sanderson. Born at 13:20 today and weighing 6lb 5oz. Born by C-Section and doing very well as is mum, very tired but holding up well. Not sure how Lucy-Mai will react to the new addition that is getting all the attention but we will find out when she visits him tomorrow. Thanks for all the messages from everyone. Hopefully they will be home soon and we can show him off.

November 20 2008

Sadly our beautiful princess decided to become an angel on the 12th November. We are missing her so much already and always will. Thank you to all who attended her funeral and for the hundreds of cards and messages. She was a special little girl who touched so many peoples hearts in her own very short life. RIP our beatiful little girl, you taught us so much - mummy, daddy and little brother Tom x

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